• Purplecocoa5

    Note: Single player you automatically are the first guard who does not check and find the radiation, multiplayer, online matches where you search for a partner and you pick which guard you wanna be? Or local match and you just pick right there and then.

    Player 1: Alright, first night on the job, r u ready?

    Player 2: Yep, remember, the lights are prone to flickering, in which case to check for stuff outside the office with the flashlight,

    Player 1: I specifically have to check the water park filter behind me occasionally to change it,

    Player 2: Make sure to monitor the radar, and I have to watch the anti-burglary tech.

    Player 1: And don't die. Jk, jk, we won't die. What harm could happen in a tame hotel?

    Player 2: Lots of things, but there's prob…

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  • Purplecocoa5

    Note: As far as I know, we are supposed to replace the phone guys with the second guard, who emails you. Does that mean in single player, that they're an experienced guard- so what happens in multiplayer? Maybe you and your friend had attended training?

    What kind of building does this happen in? Something like a rustic themed lodge with a water park in it? That means that we can keep the sewer system, and naturally lodges are fairly large so you need two guards. We can do that for now?

    Welcome to your new job at the Leaping Dolphin Hotel and Water Park! As part of your daily quota, you will need to, with the help of your partner, ensure the safety of our guests, as well as maintain the water park, from dusk till dawn! We may not have many gu…

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