The Silhouette is the main character in the Silhouettes game.

Description Edit

The silhouette is just as the name implies: A humanoid being, but completely black, except for his eyes, which glow an eerie white.

Behaviour Edit

The Silhouette is active in all three acts, Beginning in the Entry Room, then heading through to the main hall, before appearing at the main door at Office 2. If the door remains open for 3 seconds in act I, 2 in act II, or 1 in act III, the Silhouette enters the room. It normally takes 1 minute for the Silhouette to change rooms, but if 1 door is shut, it takes, 50 seconds, and if two, only 40. The Silhouette can break down the door if 2 doors are shut, so unless that door has safety guard activated, the Silhouette will kill you immediately. If safety Guard is activated, the door will be broken for the rest of the night.